Manfrotto BeFree MVKBFRT-Live Video Tripod


  • 4kg Load Capacity
  • 150cm Maximum Height
  • 40cm Folded Length
  • M-Lock Twist Leg Locks
  • 4 Leg Sections
  • Befree Live Fluid Head with Pan and Tilt
  • 501PL Sliding Quick Release Plate
  • Sliding Leg Angle Selector


The new standard of excellence for travel photography is now here to meet every photographer’s needs in capturing amazing shots. The Befree Advanced M-Lock Travel comes loaded with improved stability thanks to the spider which is the core of the tripod’s sturdiness plus 4 leg sections and three leg angles with side-pull selector. Excellent ergonomics for quick operation and safe locking is provided by the M-lock teist lecg locks for a fast-locking experience. This tripod comes handy with RC2 and Arca-Type Compatible QR Plate that can safely carry 8 kg load capacity. When in use, it can stand up to 150 cm maximum height and kept to a short 40 cm folded length. It also comes with the 494 Ball Head with Pan and Friction Knobs. An easy link attachment and integrated hook is integrated for optional accessory attachment.

Product Features in Detail

Compact Travel Video Tripod Kit
Manfrotto’s Befree Live is the most compact travel video tripod kit, dedicated to hobbyist videographers and vloggers who want maximum performance, even when they are on the go. It is easy to carry everywhere thanks to its compact size and it fulfils an increasing demand from independent content creators for a lightweight, ergonomic travel tripod that is easy-to-carry for video recording with DSLRs, compact system cameras or small camcorders.
It features a tripod spider developed to keep cameras perfectly stable on all types of terrain, including the most uneven, always keeping the camera completely steady and ready to capture amazing video footage.

M-Locking System
This model introduces a new locking system called the M-lock, the new twist lock developed by Manfrotto to fully satisfy everyone looking for a fast, easy to use, compact solution. Moreover, the M-Lock has no protruding parts, and its mechanism closes perfectly around the head, enabling the Befree Live to slip into and out of its storage pocket effortlessly.

Ergonomic Leg-Angle Selector
Its ergonomic leg-angle selector is designed to be used by both right and left-handed videographers, enabling everyone to change shooting perspectives intuitively and to find the right tripod height without losing focus on the shot they want to achieve.

Three Leg Positions
The Befree Live can easily be set to three independent leg angle positions, guaranteeing full shooting versatility for all the creative ideas that can emerge outdoors.

The Spider
The spider featured on this innovative model also provides an Easy Link, just like Manfrotto’s professional 190 & 055 tripods, allowing videographers to enhance their creativity by adding accessories that make their footage unique and unforgettable. If you like adding lights or reflectors, you can now catch amazing outdoor footage that was previously only achievable with heavy accessorized tripods.

Small and Sturdy
The Befree Live’s small size does not mean compromising on sturdiness or image quality. This solution guarantees very smooth movements thanks to the Befree Live Fluid Head, which features a fluid drag system on pan and tilt and keeps your camera perfectly balanced thanks to its sliding video plate.

Easy to Use
Easy to use and set up, the Befree Live Fluid Head is provided with two intuitive on/off knobs that lock and unlock the head’s pan and tilt movements separately.

Lightweight travel Video Tripod
This lightweight travel video tripod is the optimal combination of portability, solidity, easy set-up and operation. It is built with the unique goal of enabling individuals to express their nature using their camera with the confidence of being supported by a professional solution. Befree Live is available in black.