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Lume Cube Air

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Lume Cube Air


The Lume Cube AIR LED Light can be used in virtually any application thanks to its ultra-compact design and other versatile features. Small enough to fit in the palm of the hand, 30′ waterproof, and featuring a built-in magnet and a 1/4″-20 mounting thread, the Lume Cube AIR can be used for vlogging, photography, video production, travel, and underwater lighting with full-size cameras, smartphones, and action cams (optional mounting accessories may be required). It can also simply be used for everyday purposes such as checking under the hood of the car in the dark—just attach it under the hood magnetically.

The Lume Cube AIR features four brightness levels and a strobe mode. It provides up to 400 lux of brightness from 3.3′ away with a 5600K daylight color temperature and 90+/- CRI rating. And the lens is custom-designed to deliver smooth falloff and extra push. Also, being that the Lume Cubes are so small, you can simply pull one out of your pocket and hold it with your hand to light up a shot or provide light for another purpose. The light’s rubberized grip exterior and the included lanyard help with this.

The light can be controlled using the single button on top or via the companion Lume-X iOS/Android app. A major benefit of using the app is that it lets you control up to 5 units at the same time. The app also displays the battery level.

The Lume Cube AIR operates on a built-in lithium-polymer battery and runs for 2.5 hours at half brightness, and 30-45 minutes at full brightness. The battery is rechargeable via a micro-USB port on the side. A white diffuser and warming diffuser are included for achieving different tones of light.