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  • LED-508A Dimable Unit, 5600k Color Temperature
  • 2x NP-F750 Batteries w/ Dual Charging Cradle
  • 110-240v Power Supply Cable
  • Light Stand Mounting Bracket with Ball Joint
  • Removable Diffusion Panel w/ Mounting Screws
  • Carrying Case w/Shoulder Strap

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In stock


The Glanz LS LED508ALED Video Light is a perfect lighting solution for both photography and video applications. It features a lightweight,slim form factorthat makes it highly portable and convenient to use. Dual powering options mean you can shoot cable-free outdoors on-location, or plug into mains power when you’re in the studio.

508 Efficient LEDs

The Glanz LS LED508A light panel is equipped with 508 LEDs which offer a bright light with 2492 Lux/M luminance. Its powerful light output is equivalent to a 450-watt incandescent light source and helps you shoot well-exposed imagesin studio or on-location.The LEDs are also flicker-free, making them an excellent option for video projects.

5600K Colour Temperature

TheGlanz LED panel delivers adaylight-balancedlight at 5600K colour temperature. It also has ahigh Colour Rendering Index of CRI 95allowing you to capture more natural, true-to-life colours. Not only does this result in better imagery, it cuts down on post processing and editing time.

Adjustable Brightness

The brightness of the LEDs can be easily adjusted using the rotating dimmer dial onthe back of the light. It allows you to set the light’s brightness anywhere within the range of 10 to 100% so that you can fine-tune yourexposure as needed.

Dual Power Options

The light offers the convenience of using either AC power or Sony Style NP-750 batteries to deliver plenty of power for extended shoots.This flexibility means it can be your go-to light panel for both in-studio and outdoor on-location work.

Soft Light Diffuser

An easily mounted translucent diffusion panelhelps spread the light more evenly whileminimisingthe harshness of shadows. The result is a more flattering, natural look on your subject matter.

Fitted Carrying Case

A fitted carrying case protects the Glanz 508 Video Light and neatly stores all the supplied accessories. Its detachable shoulder strap lets you carry it comfortably while travelling.


The Glanz LED 508A is a professional, powerful, yet lightweight light that uses 508 ultra bright 5600k LEDs. The daylight balanced LEDs offer full spectrum, beautifully soft light to make the ideal choice for both studio photo and studio video production. The rear battery mounts allow for the option to do location shooting anywhere, even if there is no power available! The rear dimmer dial allows the light to be adjusted as needed for almost every shooting scenario. The removable diffusion panel allows the light to be diffused as needed for most shooting scenarios and allows a number of additional gels and/or diffusion cloths to be added to help control and create the perfect lighting.

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