Fotofans LP-01 2-way Macro Slider (160mm)

  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 160mm
  • Width: 93mm
  • Height: 24mm
  • Move Range: 100mm
  • Weight: 225g


Fotofans LP-01 2-way Macro Slider (160mm)

Discover a new level of precision in macro photography with the Fotofans LP-01 2-Way Macro Slider (160mm). This meticulously designed slider is crafted for digital and film SLR cameras, offering a range of features that make it an essential accessory for macro enthusiasts and anyone who values accurate camera positioning.

Smooth Rack and Pinion Movement:

The Fotofans LP-01 boasts a smooth rack and pinion movement, allowing for extremely fine focusing adjustments. Whether you’re capturing the intricate details of flora, fauna, or any small subject, this slider provides the precision needed for outstanding macro shots. Achieve sharp, detailed images with ease.

Rock-Steady Focus with Positive Locking Knobs:

Experience confidence in your focusing with the positive locking knobs that ensure rock-steady focus. This feature is especially crucial in macro photography, where even the slightest movement can impact the clarity of your shots. With the Fotofans LP-01, eliminate the worry of focus drift and concentrate on capturing the perfect moment.

Geared Drive System for Enhanced Accuracy:

The geared drive system of the Fotofans LP-01 greatly enhances the accuracy and speed of adjustment of the slider. This advanced system provides photographers with the ability to make swift and precise changes, optimizing the efficiency of your workflow. Macro photography demands accuracy, and this slider delivers.

Standard 1/4″ Screw Size for Universal Compatibility:

Equipped with a standard 1/4″ screw size, the Fotofans LP-01 seamlessly fits most tripods, ensuring universal compatibility. This convenience allows you to integrate the slider effortlessly into your existing photography setup, making it a versatile tool for various shooting scenarios.

Essential for Macro Photography and Beyond:

Focusing rails are indispensable for macro photography, demanding precise distance modifications and a steady hand. The Fotofans LP-01 excels not only in macro settings but also in situations where accurate camera positioning is crucial. Elevate your photography in landscapes, architecture, and beyond with this versatile slider.

In conclusion:

The Fotofans LP-01 2-Way Macro Slider (160mm) is a game-changer for photographers who prioritize precision in their craft. Whether you’re delving into the world of macro photography or require accurate camera positioning in various scenarios, this slider delivers. With its smooth rack and pinion movement, rock-steady focus, geared drive system, and universal compatibility, the Fotofans LP-01 is a must-have tool for those seeking excellence in every shot. Invest in precision—invest in the Fotofans LP-01 Macro Slider.

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