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Gitzo Tripod Kits

  • Model: GK2580QR

Price:   $1,375.00

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The�Gitzo SER.2 6X 4S.CENTER BALL QR KIT GK2580QR�is a complete solution for discriminating users who want exacting placement, premium operational refinement, and minimal weight to carry. �It is ideal for use with a modern SLR and a lens of up to 200mm in any conditions, and usually will provide sharp images even with a lens as long as 300mm.�

The�Gitzo SER.2 6X 4S.CENTER BALL QR KIT GK2580QR�leg set is Gitzo's standard-height Series 2 6x carbon fiber model, made from their superior, ultra-thin carbon fiber strands. �Beyond the weight savings we're all after, carbon fiber has a tendency to 'eat' vibrations rather than transmitting them, much like a wooden tripod would.

The Gitzo SER.2 6X 4S.CENTER BALL QR KIT�Center Ballhead is from their most modern collection, a PTFE-treated sphere with a large locking knob on the side and a very impressive ability to stay where you put it once locked. �It has a quick release system specific to Gitzo, and it has a bubble level right at the base of the plate. �You can also adjust the friction of the ball when unlocked, allowing you to track moving subjects with autofocus without needing to constantly worry about keeping your hands on the gear.


Features of Gitzo SER.2 6X 4S.CENTER BALL QR KIT GK2580QR:


  • Gitzo's standard-height Series 2 carbon fiber tripod, delivered with a Gitzo ballhead with quick release
  • Extremely-refined GH2780QR ballhead with quick release, PTFE-coated ball sphere, great friction control, and positive locking action
  • Legs assembled from Gitzo-specific "6x" ultra-strong and super-thin (0.007mm) carbon fiber strands
  • Maximum upper leg segment diameter of 28mm; appropriate for SLR cameras with 200mm telephoto lenses, mini DV and compact HD video cameras, and binoculars or spotting scopes
  • Gitzo's "ALR" Anti Leg Rotation design prohibits segments from rotating; they can only move directly up or down
  • Gitzo's "G-Lock" is the industry's strongest locking mechanism
  • Gitzo "Power Disc" top plate with anti-twist safety screws to affix head/lens collar to disc and disc to monopod stem
  • Rounded hard rubber leg tips can be exchanged for optional GS3030 self-locking feet, G1220.129B3/G1220.129LB3 ground spikes, G1220.130B3 all-terrain feet, G1220.130B3 large feet, or G1586B3 non-marring location shoes
  • Made in Italy



This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 19 March, 2013.

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