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Manfrotto 468MGRC5 | Hydrostatic Ball Head
Manfrotto 468MGRC5 | Hydrostatic Ball Head
  • Manufactured by: Manfrotto

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The Manfrotto 468MGRC5 Hydrostatic Ball Head is most advanced ball head, designed to meet the demands of professional photographers for a lightweight, but at the same time heavy duty load capacity head.

The product incorporates the same "world first" hydraulic ball-locking system as the 468MG, and uses popular RC5 Rapid Connect plate, small and light enough to leave permanently attached to your compact or SLR camera even when not using a tripod.

Using hydraulics instead of a mechanical system to block the head's center ball produces a super-tight lock from a minimal turn of the locking knob, without sacricficing the smoothness of the ball's movement when unblocked. Designed to meet the demands of professional photographers who require a light weight head but at the same time being able to support their heavy camera loads up to 16kg!

This Hydrostatic Ball Head has similar features to our standard range of ball and socket heads, with independent pan and tilt locks, 360° pan and +90° / -90° tilt movement - but employs a revolutionary friction and locking mechanism. An inner oil chamber is compressed by turning the locking knob, exerting even pressure on the whole of the underside of the ball, which ensures sturdier locking and higher capacity for camera and lens loads of up to 10kg.

The model has a magnesium die cast body, a Teflon coated aluminium ball which combined with specially designed tension surfaces provides movement as smooth as silk. A calibrated adjustable tension control allows you to preset the ball tension to suit your camera weight and give you fingertip control. The oversized lock knob is easier and quicker to find and turn. The second benefit of the liquid-based locking mechanism is that it all but eliminates unwanted movement during the locking phase. Completing this masterpiece, a graduated panoramic base and a 200PL quick release camera plate.


Compact for easier carrying 
Full optional features
Very sturdy and stable 
High load capacity 
Suitable For:
SLR cameras with short and/or light fixed-length lenses 
SLR cameras with mid-long focal length lenses and zooms 
Medium format cameras


Sturdy all-metal

Materials, design and construction techniques have been carefully selected to help save weight without sacrificing stability or strength. 

The double 90° groove (one on each side of the head) means switching from landscape to portrait is convenient however you're set up. 

The compact, rectangular 200PL quick release plate system fits neatly under small-bodied still cameras up to SLR (even with tele lenses) or small medium format, or under small video cameras or spotting scopes. Its rubber pad gives a good grip without damaging the camera, and its angled sides ensure that it also fits perfectly and tightly into a wide range. 

This head features a secondary security lock so you can't accidentally release the plate (and camera) without meaning to. The lock stops the quick release lever from opening fully. 

A re-positionable ratchet means that the locking lever's action will never be blocked either open or closed by interference with the camera body, tripod shoulder, etc... simply pull the lever outwards and it's free to be positioned more comfortably without affecting the locking mechanism. Then you can continue tightening or loosening the knob. 

A separate lock on the panoramic axis allows for rotation adjustment or panning to be carried out without losing framing. 
Separate control for pre-setting the friction of the ball when unblocked.

height  12.0 cm 
weight  0.74 kg 
load capacity  12.00 kg 
panoramic rotation  360° 
color  black 
patent  pat. pending 
material  magnesium 
independent pan lock  yes 
lateral tilt  -90° / +90° 
quick release  yes 
ball friction setting  yes 
secondary safety system

plate type  quick release sliding plate - with 1/4" and 3/8" screws + vhs pin 

attachment (bottom) 3/8" female thread 

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 25 August, 2008.

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