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The Camera Bags category are more than a wide range of products: it's a real system of photo carrying solutions designed to meet your style as well as photographic needs.

Manfrotto Camera Bags are select range of Italian-styled, luxury professional items while the Stile Collection shares the Italian-styling but is designed for social recorders who look to carry their camera equipment alongside all their daily personal gear as well. Both collections have been designed with integrated tripod carrying features, thus tying in Manfrotto's new bag range with Manfrotto's Support Heritage.

The Manfrotto collection of bags and apparel represent the pinnacle of style and functionality, offering a range of luxury accessories dedicated to advanced enthusiasts and professional photographers. Made from the highest quality materials handpicked and specifically matched to each product, the collection offers Italian style and chic with form and function that goes hand-in-hand with Manfrotto’s world-renowned tripod range. For the first time photographers will find that it is possible to look great and still enjoy functional work wear that enhances the working experience. Manfrotto Cases and apparel are designed to be objects of desire that will work hard, day in and day out.


Backpacks are ideal for comfortably carrying of a lot of gear for long periods of time. Carry your gear on your back in a well-balanced way and access it when you reach your location. When choosing a backpack the most important thing to check is the harness and weight distribution. We recommend loading the backpack with all your gear and trying it out to see how it fits, weighs and feels on your back.


Holsters are the ultimate compact solution. Carry only your DSLR with your favorite lens attached wherever you go. When choosing a holster you must decide on your primary lens set up and chose the most compact fitting bag to match it. The whole concept of a holster centres on providing protection for your camera without hindering you in anyway.


Pouches are the basic protection for any compact Point & Shoot camera. Carry them individually or stored them in your bag.

When choosing a pouch, style and fit are key factors. Once you have chosen the style you like, we recommend you try out at least 3 different sizes. Remember, pouch sizes vary very slightly and just like shoes, you want to avoid a fit that is too tight or too loose.


Shoulder Bags and Messenger Bags are perfect for daily city use. Carry your camera and personal gear around town while keeping a low profile and moving freely amongst the crowds.

When choosing a shoulder or messenger bag, style is just as important as functionality - you will be carrying this bag with you every day and it must match your style effortlessly. We want our messenger bags to be sophisticated, stylish but also discreet.


Slings are great shoot-as-you-go solutions. Carry your gear on your back and simply swing the bag up front for quick access to capture the perfect shot.

When choosing a sling, we recommend you select your key gear set-up and aim at the smallest option that will fit everything you need. Remember, a sling is not a backpack and if your kit is too heavy for you, the Sling function simply will not work well.

Rolling Bags offer the best traveling mobility when transporting of a lot of gear from location to location. Whether locally or internationally, you can organize your gear in an optimally protected working and traveling case.

When choosing a rolling bag, the first thing to make sure of is the size, which must be compatible for on board flight regulations but also fit all your gear. We also believe it is very important for these bags to look more like standard luggage than like camera bags!

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