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Tokina Lenses

Tokina Lenses are renowned for their build quality. Most of the lens is made from heavy-duty plastics and they are tightly assembled and weatherproof sealed which enables it to be seen as 'pro quality'. It carries full Australian warranty.

They are designed specifically for use with Nikon, Canon and Sony digital SLRs' full-frame and APS-C mounts. Most of the lens provides a super wide-angle zoom range, ideal for the tightest of interiors, as well as for dramatic landscape photography.

Tokina’s proprietary AT-X technology has grown toward optical perfection for more than 20 years. Since our mission began in 1981, we have made continuous advances. Each new model is a further refinement in a continuing legacy of excellence in design and materials. The current AT-X PRO series continues this evolution of excellence by using the most state of the art technology available anywhere

The company has the world's best ultra wide-angle zoom digital SLR lenses which are suitable for full-frame and APS-C mounts.

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