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Olympus M.Zuiko 17mm F2.8 Lens
Olympus M.Zuiko 17mm F2.8 Lens
  • Model: B-177222 S-169944
  • Manufactured by: Olympus

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The new Olympus M.Zuiko 17mm lens is the perfect prime lens companion to a PEN camera body, if the smallest camera size is desired.

The M.Zuiko 17mm F2.8 lens is designed to provide extremely smooth and pleasing appearance in the out-of-focus areas of your pictures, even if they are shot with smaller aperture settings due to the optimised lens design and near circular-shape aperture design. Used at f2.8, photographers will revel in it's excellent sharpness and clear definition of detail.

This lens is based on the classic double-Gauss optical formulation widely used in standard prime lenses, newly developed optics are employed in a 'retrofocus-type' configuration, in which a concave lens element is placed on the subject side to obtain a wide angle of view at a focal length of 17mm. An aspherical rear lens element is used to make this lens as slim as possible.

The M.Zuiko Digital 17mm f/2.8 from Olympus is a wide-angle pancake lens for Olympus PEN and other cameras using the Micro Four Thirds format. It has a wide angle 17mm focal length (equivalent to 34mm on a 35mm camera) for shooting everything from landscapes and portraits to close-ups with outstanding image quality. This lens is so compact, only 0.87" (22mm) long, that with the camera attached you can carry it in a handbag, purse, and even a coat pocket.

The M.Zuiko is even smaller than the already dwarfish Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 ASPH although this isn't really all that surprising regarding its less ambitious max. aperture of f/2.8. Olympus is also "cheating" a little bit here because the lens (the inner lens tube to be precise) extends slightly into its working position upon power up. However, the procedure is not really noticeable and as such not objectionable. The build quality of the lens is perfectly fine - it is based on a quite high quality plastic body and a metal mount.

The AF uses a conventional micro motor. However, the AF speed is pretty reasonable and the accuracy is spot on (which is typical for contrast AF lenses). Manual focusing works "by wire" so there's no direct mechanical coupling. This is sometimes controversially discussed by users but if you ask me it's a non-issue. Unfortunately there're no focus distance marks though.


The M.Zuiko 17mm F2.8 Key Features:

- 17mm (35mm equivalent)
- Double sided aspherical lens element
- All-round photography applications including portraiture


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