Canon Digital Video Cameras
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Canon Video Cameras for stunning videos and images.

The Canon Digital Video Cameras retain core imaging technologies, but add a wide selection of new features for enhanced image quality and added flexibility for sharing and storing memories.


It incorporates leading-edge digital processing with over 60 years' experience of quality optical and image-making technologies.


We have a solid range of camcorders for both regular consumers and professional videographers, it will come as no surprise these camcorders are of such a consistently high quality.


The innovation coupled with fabulous performance make Canon video camcorder one of the best sellers in the market.


You'll be able to avoid shaky footage with image stabilisation and automatic ISO will ensure focus is accurately detected and light levels are taken into account. Models in the Canon Legria range enable you to explore your creative side: the Story Creator, Movie Filters and Touch decorations features allow you to add personal touches to captured footage. If you're more experienced and are looking to test your skills or master manual controls, look for the Canon camcorders.



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