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Whatever your ideas or creative vision requires of you, there are Canon lenses to draw out the potential of that imagination and make it real.

EOS digital SLRs are backed up by the world's most comprehensive system of interchangeable lens. From 14mm ultra wide angle to 600mm super telephoto, the 60+ lens in the EF series cover all possible shooting requirements.

Get the best out of your EOS with perfect Canon SLR rare earth high performance Optics. Enjoy every moment of life and save your brightest impressions forever!

Discover which lens is best for your photography and explore the creative possibilities you can achieve with Canon SLR lenses.

Broaden your perspective with one of these lens. The wide angle allows you to bring more area into focus and provides greater depth of field. The zoom range allows you to make small adjustments to the coverage of your shot for more creative control.

Canon Telephoto zoom lenses allow you to capture details normally missed by the eye. Capture the far off action of fast-paced sports or zoom in for an intimate portrait with a blurred background. The unique property of these lenses to compress images allows you to create a variety of impressive images.


Canon Wide-Angle lens let you capture more by broadening the angle of view and increasing the depth of field bringing more area into focus. By expanding the apparent distance between the foreground and background, they provide a unique perspective. Their exceptional compactness allows for greater mobility.


Canon Telephoto lenses not only let you close-in on a subject, but also allow you to zoom in on a subject that you cannot get close to. The longer focal lengths effectively compress the distance between the subject and camera to capture the details and the feeling of a far-off scene.


For a more natural angle of view and perspective, choose from one of these lenses. Canon Standard lenses will provide you with the image closest to how your eye perceives the subject and they are excellent for portraits and for giving images natural depth of field.


Nothing quite compares to the amount of dimension a Canon super telephoto lens can bring to a photograph. All the lenses in the category are part of the L-series, incorporating superior lens construction and USM for quiet, high-speed autofocusing.


Macro lens can give detail that would be impossible to detect by the eye and give new perspective to extremely minute subjects such as insects or the petals of a small flower.

It widen photographic possibilities. Tilt movements allow you to obtain a wide depth of field even at the maximum aperture and still keep the entire subject in focus. Shift movements correct the trapezoidal effect seen in pictures taken of tall objects, so as not to distort the subject.



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